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WiseArchivist is a complete solution for creating and managing a digital photo archive
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7 January 2015

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This is an organizer tool for digital photos.

With the amount of digital photographs we take these days, getting the collection disorganized is very easy. When you have stored a few thousand photos on your hard drive, you realize that systematization is necessary. There are two ways the photos could be organized easily. These are to create a system of folders with the names on the events in chronological order. The photographs that are related could be stored in suitable folders and sub-folders. A second way is to put the information about the pictures in the database. Severe difficulties exist with these two methods though. With the first method it is difficult to find a photo, not knowing (forgetting) the date or event`s name. It is even more difficult to select a few photos, united by one theme. The database approach is far more workable but you have to depend on this database.

WiseArchivist gets around the disadvantages of either approach by storing the relevant information in the photos. Accelerated search by keywords, subjects, etc. creates temporary databases. A hierarchical folder system with clear titles is also constructed. Your pictures are fully compatible with all programs as this tool uses standard metadata tags of EXIF. It also has the necessary tools for selecting, viewing, backup, recovery, etc. The program provides batch processing, viewing photos, creating virtual albums, backup, recovery and more. Photos can be moved, deleted, etc. The database files will be adjusted automatically when needed. WiseArchivist usually works with two or three folders. The folders are named Sourcer, Destination and Mirror. The software utility is able to cope with tens of thousands of images.

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WiseArchivist is a complete solution for creating and managing a digital photo archive. The program has a wide range of tools for processing images in manual or batch modes. The program is designed to work with thousands images of different formats including 3D. The program provides all stages of photo archive management: creation, organization, thematic selection, viewing, backup, recovery, synchronization, finding duplicates by content, etc. (OS 32/64 Bit, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1)
Version 4.20
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